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About Us

BlueKatanaSoft is a startup company focussed on providing educational content on software. We believe that the resources for learning to create and interact with software should be available to everyone. We try to make content that breaks the barriers for beginners having the passion to learn software. Our aim is to make lessons on topics that many people want to learn.

Our Mission

Our mission is striving to make educational content based on software available to anyone willing to dive into the realm of software.

What we offer

Currently, we are working on adding content for the topics:

We will also sometimes provide content on:

Our Platforms

Our main platform is our website, in which we will provide all forms of content. We recommend you to bookmark our website for easy access: BlueKatanaSoft Home.

We have an Android app available on the Play Store. Download BlueKatanaSoft Lite on your Android device for easy access to content on mobile.

We also have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter where we will provide updates on new content and conduct polls for feedback and suggestions.

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We have a GitHub repository where we will publicly host our code files for examples and projects.

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Finally, we have a channel on YouTube where we provide video content that you can subscribe to.